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Sue Baumgardner ~ Sue Sparks

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Sue was born and raised in rural Maine in the 1950s and '60s. 


During her twenties, she travelled across the eastern and southern parts of the US, and called places like New Orleans, Louisiana

and Marquette, Michigan home. 

After raising her own kids in Maine, it wasn't until she was an empty nester that she left the state again.

This time it was as if she lived in a dream

inside a log cabin,

at the the center of a holler, 

beside a creek,

at the foot of a mountain in Rock Castle County, Kentucky. 

But the grandkids called, and the grandmother came home, back to Maine where she planned to retire. 

Retirement? What does that mean for a writer?

She found a good pen and headed back to school.

She enrolled in a dozen writing classes

and dove into a career worthy of her dreams.

Today, she is a multi-genre author, writing fiction and non-fiction for adults and early & middle readers.

You can find her romances on this site and all her work on

her website

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