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Why Do We Write About Love?

Why do we write about love? To understand? To connect? To feel? Maybe, all of the above.

I’d imagine some romance authors write about love because it’s the hottest and most lucrative genre. Last year alone, romance novels eclipsed $1.44 billion in revenue—the genre making up a third of all book sales.

While the idea that I could make a bunch of cash while writing romance books is appealing, it’s not why I write about love.

I enjoy writing about connection and kissing. I like writing about everything that happens in between the blissful moments of awakening and grace because my experiences have been profound, and I want to share a piece of them and a piece of myself with anyone who wants to escape inside a lingering look or a warm embrace even if they can only spend their lunch hour or the minutes before drifting off to La-La Land inside a sentence stuffed with serenity and serendipity.

As hard as it may be to believe, there are some people out there who’ve never experienced love—not ever—in their whole entire life. And there are some who have experienced it but maybe not for a long time or maybe not now.

I believe most of us want to experience love in a deep, vast, and humble way, but that requires vulnerability, and the idea of being vulnerable is wracked with danger and warnings that create an intimate relationship with fear, but if we don’t take a sledgehammer to our walls and risk pain, we will continue to pace behind the gate. If we truly want to experience love, true love, we must yank on that chain to open our gated selves and let the interlopers and intruders in because if we don’t, our lovers—our soulmates—our twin flames—can’t cross over the bridge either. For those who are not ready, I send you my love by way of the wind and by way of my words on the page.

I’ve been in love, like heart wrenching love, three times in my life (this is not including the love I’ve shared with my parents, my siblings, and my children). I’ve stood on the precipice of what must be another dimension when I’ve simply looked into the eyes of my lover. When my lover looks back into my eyes, together, we open a place where this world no longer exists. Together we transcend space and time. So, within the words that I choose to place on each page, I try to share this feeling with my readers. Whether it be through laughter, through tears, through lips locking (or more) my hope is to share love, real love that resides between the lines.

My deepest desire is for the entire world, every single human being on this planet, to experience that kind of love at least once in their life. I wish they could experience it every second of every day, but I know, sadly, being human means there’s too much to do, to see, to smell, to hear, to taste for that much love. But I still have the desire, so I share what I can with whomever walks over the long bridge into my world, and I present them with gifts of romance, tidbits of truth, and morsels of hope, so that we can share in the human experience of witnessing the beauty of love.

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