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Everything in Between: A Later in Life, Soulmates, Short & Steamy

Widower, Silver Fox, Doctor, Dad, and a Total Goofball

That about sums it up.

I've lived most of my life as a happy-go-lucky kind of man. My wife, my soulmate, and I raised three beautiful children, and we were set to retire in a few years when she got sick. The big C, cancer, came for her, and instead of seeking alternative treatments, she decided it was time to leave this world. I grieved heavily for a long time, so long that I resigned to the fact that I'd live out my retirement years without a partner, and I was okay with that.

And then...

I saw her. Daisy Lane. Yoga practitioner, artist, silver haired grandmother. Daisy has a bit of a reputation in our small beach town of being a free spirit, and I love it! Whenever I'm in her presence, I feel like I'm a teenager again. My palms sweat, my heart races, and my clumsiness comes out.

Today is the day though. I'm going to talk to this woman, who literally (not really, but that's what the kids say) lights up a room when she walks in. I swear her eyes sparkle every time she smiles. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but inside her beauty rivals queens and goddesses.

I know what you're thinking... How can I be so sure when I haven't even talked to her? My daughter has asked me the same thing, so she keeps encouraging me to just ask Daisy out. Then I can find out whether or not she's my twin flame.

Can a man be so lucky, so blessed to have two soulmates in a lifetime? Can a man experience true love more than once?

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You won't be sorry!


Everything in Between: A Later in Life, Soulmates, Short & Steamy

  • Each signed copy comes wrapped with decorations and little special gifts. 

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